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On last thursday I've watch the "Krabat"-movie. A great film that I can recommend to everybody. I have read the book years ago. But I should repeat it one day.
btw I have made some Icons to the film.

more icons ... )
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Yeah a lot of new Wallpapers and new Icons!!!

[02 Dark Angel]
[09 Fruits]
[10 Sex & The City]
[06 Supernatural]
[08 Star Wars]
[02 Sweeney Todd]

[01 Sweeney Todd]
[01 Natalie Portman]
[01 Supernatural]
[01 Amy Lee]
[01 Carrie Fisher]
[01 Mischa Barton]
[07 Star Wars]

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Wow ... the time is running so fast. Today's the 13th day of december ... omfg.
But I have a few Icons for you ... hope you like them.

[3 Placebo]
[2 LostAlone]
[2 My Chemical Romance]
[3 Mandy Moore]
[3 Amy Lee]
[1 Tarja Turunen]
[2 Natalie Portman]
[4 Supernatural]


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Art Update is too long -> Artdate *lol*

[14 Placebo Wallpaper]
[1 Yellowcard Wallpaper
[1 Drew Fuller Wallpaper]
[1 Spider-Man 3 Wallpaper]
[5 Brian Molko Icons]
[2 Molsdal Icons]
[8 Spider-Man 3 Icons]
 [7 Placebo Text Signatures] inspired by [profile] pa_0205

RULES: Please credit

Icons )

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1 week in Paris. It was awesome. This city is so beautiful. And i have visited the Eiffel Tower. The View from the top is absolutley gorgeous.
Here are a few Pictures:
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

I also visited the STAR WARS L'EXPO. I've took over 100 pictures there. It was just awesome.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

And I've visited the grave of Jim Morrison
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

[8 Placebo Icons]
[5 Placebo Wallpapers]
[1 Amy Lee Wallpaper]
[1 Star Wars Wallpaper]
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[4 Icons]
[4 Wallpapers]
[11 Forum Signatures]
[1 Manipulation]

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My Portfolio has a new Layout  Take a look .
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Hi guys,
I will go to the Placebo-Concert in Munich. I got my ticket since yesterday. *aaaaaaaaah*
And I made new Icons, one set and 2 Wallpapers. Enjoy ...

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I've made 43 new Icons!!!
[41 Placebo]
[2 Bullet for my Valentine]


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Hey Guys,
I've made 31 new Icons
[2 Bullet for my Valentine]
[3 Ewan McGregor]
[6 Hayden Christensen]
[1 Nickelback]
[5 Placebo]
[11 Natalie Portman]
[2 Yellowcard]
[2 Various]


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my balance of the weekend: NEXT YEAR PARTICIPATE I AGAIN

these acts I saw. with comment

Sportfreunde Stiller - super prelude
Franz Ferdinand - perfect concert, perfect music
Placebo - the best concert of RiP. 
Depeche mode - only the conclusion seen. not times that pleased me
In Flames - property music to eat
Bloodhound course - the beginning and The bad Touch. The weird thing fortunately misses

Bloodsimple - too much shouting
Stone Sour - super concert super of songs and many many water bottles
Alice in chains -
Dir En Grey -
Deftones - a concert completely after my taste.
Korn - at place 3 the RiP of concerts. In the first row wars beautifully. and the guitarist touched my hand
Keane - actually want I TOOL to see. but I still wanna hear ballads.

Trivium - boring
Avenged Sevenfold - also boring
Bullet for my Valentine - simply only mad. those played the whole album.
The Darkness - which know like one tendency make
Reamonn - live ones are genuinly mad those. I have try the idiots before me to ignore
Nelly Furtado - she sings with Reamon on SUPERGIRL, perfect surprise
Metallica - only beginning photos make
Taking back Sunday - mad conclusion of the festival. the singer is somewhat turned off. but super of songs.

Top of 3 concerts
1. Placebo
2. Bullet for my Valentine
3. Korn

I will post the pics nearly.
Also I made 4 new Icons.
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Happy Easter to Everybody!!!
The new Layout is online.
The Header is like my latest Wallpaper.
Also I made 4 new LJ-Icons.
I hope you like them.

Have great Easter Weekend and see you next time...
yours Tara

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One month ago since my last true update. My Portfolio has moved to a new URL.

Here are four new LJ Icons ...

yours Tara

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A new week begins. And I fall in love. It's a great feeling. Because the last three years I had no luck with love. But a new day dawns. The last 2 weeks were great. And christmas is coming. It snows and that's gorgeous.

I made new LJ-Icons:
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Have a nice time and see you next time
xxx Tara

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