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2009-05-17 04:49 pm

80 new Icons ...

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01-49 Germany's Next Topmodel (Seasons 1-4)
50-56 Kate Winslet
57-62 William Moseley
63-80 The Chronicles of Narnia (Behind The Scenes+Reepicheep+Lucy)


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2009-05-13 01:03 am

Placebo, Star Trek, Star Wars and Will Moseley

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01-07 Placebo
08-23 Star Trek (2009)
24-33 Star Wars (Memorable Quotes)
34-43 William Moseley


Use the Force, Luke ... )

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2009-05-10 09:51 pm

Graphic Update

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6x Friends Only-Banners (Narnia Cast)
5x Headers (Twilight, Narnia Cast, Narnia)
6x Wallpapers
(Narnia, William Moseley)


t h i s i s h o m e . . . )

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2009-05-04 10:38 pm

Icon Update

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01-13 Spider-Man 3
14-20 V For Vendetta
21-33 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe & Prince Caspian
34-46 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Bloopers (ANIMATED)


includes animated icons ... )

#33 won first place at [profile] narniastills
I've opend a Spider-Man Icon-Community [ profile] spidey_icons 
Everybody can post there. So come and join ...

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2009-04-28 10:26 pm

114 Narnia Cast Icons

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001-023 Anna Popplewell
024-044 Georgie Henley
045-052 Skandar Keynes
053-061 Ben Barnes
062-078 William Moseley
079-114 Group


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2009-04-24 09:11 pm

48 new Icons

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01-12 Ben Barnes
13-24 William Moseley
25-36 William Moseley + Georgie Henley
37-48 David Kross


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2009-04-23 09:38 pm

LiveJournal Stuff

I've create a lot stuff for you. 11 Lovebars and 13 Friends Only Banners. You can see all under the cut. Enjoy and credit me please.


Lovebars are love )


FO Banners )

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2009-04-22 11:08 pm
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I was tagged by my cutie [info]icy_imaginary and now I'll post my very first meme.
She gave me David Kross ... What a surprise XD
6 Questions about David Kross ...

     MEME )
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2009-03-19 11:48 pm

50 new Icons ....

07 Amy Lee
07 Britney Spears
10 Amy Adams
06 Kate Winslet
08 David Kross
04 Karin Axelsson (Sonic Syndicate)
04 Natalie Portman
04 Hannah Herzsprung

Don't forget: Credit Me

a l l i c o n s )

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2009-03-18 10:04 pm

David Kross/The Reader/Kate Winslet Icons

05 David Kross
07 The Reader
08 Kate Winslet

Don't forget credit me

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2009-03-16 06:41 pm
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Very First Picspam and a very nice video =)

Oh my god, yesterday I've found screencaps of davids first movie Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge (Help me, I'm a Boy) and I've made screencaps of his guest appearance in Detlev Bucks Hände weg von Mississippi (Hands off Mississippi).

It's my very first picspam ... =)

P I C S P A M )

and here's his guest appearance in Hände weg von Mississippi. =)
Oh my god ... I'm a fangirl .... and I don't like that ... Wäääää
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2009-02-26 11:27 am
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2009-02-24 09:37 pm
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2009-02-15 09:48 am
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David Kross Berlinale Icons

The 59. International Film Festival Berlin is over. And David hat a lot of appearances there. I made a few Icons. And I hope you like them.

Don't forget: Credit me if you use them
thank you


[14 David Kross]

all of them )
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2009-02-14 03:51 pm

Relaunch my Icon-Journal

I decided that my journal will be just an Icon-Journal from now on. Because I didn't post anything about my life in the last time. And I started my blog on my personal domain. For all german-speaking friends of my journal heres the url: .

And the man on the top is David Kross. A great young actor from germany. I guess a few of you known him from The Reader and Krabat.
If you hadn't the chance to see films starring him, then you'll have to do this.

And now the new Icons ...
If you wanna use them, please don't forget to credit me ... thanks
Enjoy them

[13 The Reader Premiere]
[5 David Kross]
[6 Krabat]
[7 Krabat Shoot]


How far would you go to protect a secret? )


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2008-12-04 11:31 am
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New Wallpapers ...

Just a few new wallpapers i've created. Hope you like them. =)

[ 3 Krabat ]
[ 2 Britney Spears ]
[ 1 Scarlett Johansson ]
[ 1 Amy Lee ]

more wallpapers ... )
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2008-10-14 02:35 pm
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New Icons ...

On last thursday I've watch the "Krabat"-movie. A great film that I can recommend to everybody. I have read the book years ago. But I should repeat it one day.
btw I have made some Icons to the film.

more icons ... )
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2008-05-07 06:04 pm

New Icons & Wallpapers!!!

Yeah a lot of new Wallpapers and new Icons!!!

[02 Dark Angel]
[09 Fruits]
[10 Sex & The City]
[06 Supernatural]
[08 Star Wars]
[02 Sweeney Todd]

[01 Sweeney Todd]
[01 Natalie Portman]
[01 Supernatural]
[01 Amy Lee]
[01 Carrie Fisher]
[01 Mischa Barton]
[07 Star Wars]

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2007-12-13 09:36 pm

New Icons!!!

Wow ... the time is running so fast. Today's the 13th day of december ... omfg.
But I have a few Icons for you ... hope you like them.

[3 Placebo]
[2 LostAlone]
[2 My Chemical Romance]
[3 Mandy Moore]
[3 Amy Lee]
[1 Tarja Turunen]
[2 Natalie Portman]
[4 Supernatural]